Boatboy2 - Perb 2014

"Left feeling like Id just drank a tall glass of love.  Highly recommend and will definitely see her again"


Esenar - Perb 2013

"Her beauty is only matched by her kindness and intelligence."


gentleman1963 - Perb 2013
"I was kind of awe struck with her beauty..."

junglejim - Perb 2013
"...she delivers in spades,she knows how to tease and please with the best of them."

doctor love - Perb 2013
"I won’t go into the play by play, I’ll just say I truly enjoyed my time with her. Not only was it sensual, but it was fun too."

shenanigans8503 - Perb 2012
"She immediately put me at ease and conversation flowed naturally the entire evening...this is a girl who realizes that little extra touches go a long way..."

mikedeloupe - Perb 2012
"I found her to be mature and sexy.....She has tons of enthusiasm and energy."

diccharles - Perb 2012
"I am always impressed by her warmth as much as by her looks."

Yaxchilan - Perb 2011
"Her pictures are accurate and I found her very attractive, with womanly curves and long dark hair."


J.O. Henson - Perb 2011
"More details wouldn't be too gentlemenly to provide but suffice to say she has a great figure..."

db32 - Perb 2010
"I have to say she is really considerate of what her client wants."

Kay - Perb 2010
"Hot, young girl who is fun to spend time with."

SharpWithAnE - Perb 2010
"...real fun and charming to be around.  She's got cheekiness, playfulness and is sexy."

jack hammer - Perb - 2010
"Had an awesome time with her...very easy going and fun to be with."

Johnny Guapo - Perb - 2010
"...she is a class act, you will enjoy yourself, she is a fantastic kisser and well, the service is also very good."

crmscl - Perb - 2010
"Doing this was a major hurtle. Eva made it easy...someone you can talk to and get passionate with."

tommydome - Perb - 2010
"She knows the right things to say, and all joking aside, I could spend some serious time with this girl."

Major2 - Perb - 2010
"...there’s a special genuine quality that she has that makes you feel really good..."

CLIT COMMANDER - Perb - 2010
"She is a fantastic sexy woman who is very easy going. Would definately repeat."


pinkpanther - Perb - 2010
"Her services and attitude were among the best I've had."