Do you travel?

I travel anywhere in the United States to see select gentlemen I wish to spend time with. When my travels require a flight reservation, a full deposit for airfare is required.

How do you prefer donation arrangements?

I never discuss donations in person, on the phone, in e-mail, etc. Please leave my cash donation in a plain unsealed envelope on your restroom vanity before I arrive. I will handle it discreetly from there when the time is right.

How much notice do you require for a date?

It really all depends on my schedule. I do not prefer to see new clients in a "rush" situation as this does not give me enough time to prepare and make sure our time together is an unforgettable experience. I always try to get back to you within 24 hours of a date request so if the timing doesn't work for either of us I will be able to notify you right away.

What can I expect from our encounter together?

You can expect fun, warmth, passion, excitement, and an overall thrilling encounter.  The details are up to your imagination since I don't discuss specifics.

Can you bring another provider?

Absolutely! I know a few lovely ladies that I could have join us for some fun.

Do you see Couples?

This request can get a little tricky... If I am able to communicate with both parties involved and make sure boundaries have been set between the two of you, then of course. I would never want to be a part of anything other than a wonderful experience for a couple exploring their naughty side.

Do you offer incall?

Incall is always happily supplied for an additional small fee for accommodations. I am also always happy to meet you at your desired hotel and put it in my name so there is no paper trail for you as well.

What if I'm not comfortable providing you with all the information required on your contact form?

I have made very few exceptions with my contact form but if you have a good reason why you should be in that number, drop me an  email and we'll see what we can work out.

Do you accept credit cards?

I do not accept credit cards and don't plan to.  I feel it is a bit impersonal. I  wouldn't want a tiny detail of our time together to feel like a buisness transaction.

Are you the actual person represented in these photos?

Absolutely, Every photo presented is 100% me. I work hard to keep fit and pride myself on being polished, well-presented and appropriate for any opportunity that may come my way.